Stakeholders of Health Tech Lab ecosystem

HTL Ecosystem

Local – HTL ecosystem Serbia is the member of European Connected health Alliance -ECHAlliance

Patients and Citizens

Patients and Citizens represent the core of all HTL ecosystem activities. More precisely, HTL activities are focused on resolving the challenges of this group through multiple innovative solutions. The main representatives are, but not limited to:

  • Patient Association of Serbia, including all of their associated and active patient groups

  • Charities dedicated to patients and their well being

  • All other citizen association involved with health and tech


This group that provides innovative solutions for Patients and citizens. They include startups in health-tech, biotech and medtech, resolving some of the burning issues in mental health, chronic and other disease, providing solutions in disease management and therapies by using all 4.0 technolgies and all other starte-of-the-art wet lab and nanotechnolgies.

Education & Research (health and tech)

E&R is important for more than 3 reasons, but we will name only 3 here:

  1. The HTL goal is to provide education to all medical operators and doctors of novel and innovative technologies and vice versa

  2. Students are prone to innovations more than professionals

  3. Research stems most innovations which is especially true for innovations in health and tech.

The main representatives are, but not limited to:


Industry involves health and tech companies that enable development of

innovatives drugs, medical devices and other innovative solutions and provide

them to hospitals, medical centers or directly to patients.

Tech companies of our ecosystem are:

Medical, pharma and CRO companies of our ecosystem are:

Companies from other secotrs supporting innovations in health:


Funders support the development of innovation from idea until they reach the

patients through funding, state and private, in all the stages, from research to


Health & Social care

Health & Social care – involves all hospitals, medical centers, state and

private, professionals and providers, that will finally implement the innovative

solutions with the patients. They need to understand, support and execute all

health innovations and adavancements: