Western Balkan Digital Summit


Western Balkan Digital Summit

WBDG is building on the experience of the high-level regional dialogue on digital transformation and it is held in the framework of the Berlin Process and the Multi-Annual Action Plan on Regional Economic Area (MAP-REA) for the Western Balkans.The summit brings together high-level representatives of regional Governments, the European Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council, business community and relevant stakeholders.

It aims at showcasing good practices in the Western Balkans, highlighting the achievements and outcomes of the Digital Agenda, and exploring possibilities of building partnerships with the private sector, in the context of the digital transformation process.

The summit promotes the Western Balkans digital perspective in the context of EU integration, while drawing the Path Ahead in the Digital Agenda, in order to prioritize the key objectives for the region.

Check out the video report from the Medical Revolution panel where Health Tech Lab moderated the session from 2nd edition held in 2019 in Belgrade:

1. Milica Đurić, Acting Director of the Science Fund, Belgrade, Serbia
2. Jelena Begović, Director of the Institute for Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia
3. Srđan Jovanović, Head of Engineering at HTEC Group and CTO at HUMEDS
4.Srđan Krčo, Co-Founder and CTO of DunavNet
5. Tatjana Stojadinović, eDevelopment Manager at the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia
6. Pavle Zelić, Communicator, EU Integration and International Cooperation Officer at Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia.

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