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Startup nameWebsite Technology Readiness LevelTech areaHealth area Short description
PerunTRL 5 – Laboratory testing of integrated system Laboratory equipmentDiagnosticWe are developing a portable thermal cycler called Amplife.
Main problem for all of our target groups, which include biologists,
forensic investigators and veterinarians, is the inability to conduct the
PCR method while on terrain. This means that there is a risk of sample
degradation, which can lower the quality of the final product or even make the method unusable.
Our portable Thermal Cycler device provides user the option of amplifying
the wanted DNA sequence on the spot, be it a forest or a run-down motel room.
This way we are saving them effort, time and money. And we all know that now more than ever, time is money.
DokTokDokTok_Logohttp://www.doktok.rsTRL 7 – Integrated pilot system demonstratedVideo conferencingTelemedicine - Online consultation & Booking systemDokTok is web based platform for online consultations with medical experts.
HerbElixaHerbElixa-logo1 9 – System proven in operational environmentMedTechDietary supplementsHerbElixa is a private company that produces dietary supplements based on medicinal herbs.
Our main focus is on products made of essential oil that can help in the treatment of various
conditions and diseases. Our products are exclusively based on scientific facts and results.
All products are unique because they are made according to our own recipe.
InvetlabInvetlab-Logo-Lathttp://invetlab.comTRL 9 – System proven in operational environmentBiotechnologyFood and feed additives, probioticsBiotehnološka kompanija osnovana sa ciljem proizvodnje i distribucije
prvog domaćeg inovativnog probiotika za prevenciju i tretman crevnih
infekcija domaćih životinja kao i razvoja novih inovacija u oblasti biotehnologije.
Divs Neuroinformaticsdivs_logohttp://www.divstechnology.comTRL 5 – Laboratory testing of integrated system HealthtechNeurologyWe strive to provide simple, available technology to do preliminary,
self screening mechanism that aims to detect neurological disorders
and neuropathies in early stage.